Prices & Fees


Perm Short Length $90
Perm Long Length $110
Permanent Straightening $180+
  • Perming enhances hair with fine texture, for thouse who want to add more volume or just a soft wave. Your hair will habe more bounce.
  • Perms give the benefit of wash and go or you can easily style with lots of volume without trying to hard.
  • This procedure usually take about 1hrs to 2 hrs depends on the length of the guest hair.


Makeup Services:

Refresh Make Up $40
Avant-Gard Make Up $65+
False Eye-lash Extension $13/pair
  • Make up application takes 30 minuts to 1.5 hours depends on the event and guests need
  • Avant-Gard make up required extra time and extra cost
  • False Eye-lash extensions give an extra long creative look


Oil and Mask Treatment:

Oil Steam treatment $20
Mask Steam treatment $30
Colour Gloss $30
  • Oil and Mask treatment application stay on for 10-15 minutes depends the condition of our guests hair.
  • Guest sit under a steamer on a set time.
  • Colour gloss is a clear and shinny, applied and processed for 15 to 20 minutes depending on the hair texture.


Feather & Premium Hair Extentions:

Feather Extension $15/pc
SoCap Extension consultation
Pure Hair Extension consultation
Pure Express Extension consultation
Fashion Colour Extension $20/pc

We carry different brands of extensions:

  1.  Socap extensions are made up of keratin bonds and it lasts up to 6 months with extra care. It's human hair extension.
  2.  Pure hair extensions connect with copper cylinders.  There is no requirment to use head or glue.
  3.  Feather extensions have fun patterns or different colour combinations. They use copper cylinders to hold in place.
  4.  Fashion colour extensions are fun to add in a few pieces such as pink, blue, violet, orange ect.



Colour Regrowth $50+
Full Long Highlights $100+
Full Short Highlights $85+
Partial Highlights $65+



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Men Cut


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